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Talks in Detail 2024

January 4th
Malcolm Angel

Haunted Wimborne

Several years ago, a publishing house was producing a series of commercial books on paranormal ‘stories’ in ancient towns and asked me if I would be prepared to produce one on Wimborne. Apart from the fact that I was working on another book with a completely different subject I wasn’t impressed with the scant detail in one of their books which I had on my shelf. I also hadn’t researched seriously any local evidence of note and therefore turned them down. Since then, I have explored the subject, of which Wimborne and district appears to abound, and spoken to many people with fascinating tales of their own unexplained experiences which demand a far less flippant approach and need to be told

February 1st
David Ash

SUPERENERGY and the Quantum Vortex

Visionary physicist David Ash will speak on the subject of his new book, SUPERENERGY and the Quantum Vortex. David has dedicated his life to developing a quantum vortex physics that bridges the physical with the non-physical. He has opened the frontiers of science to the supernatural and paranormal in a way never before possible. David Ash shows how there may be superenergy realities co-existing with our world in dimensions beyond the speed of light and our range of perception. With a new superenergy physics he illuminates the nature of spirit and soul, the mysteries of near death experiences, reincarnation, healings, miracles, free-energy, anti-gravity and the possibility of our ascension into higher dimensions of reality. He leads us deep into the mysteries of the Universe. His achievement is extraordinary. His work is nothing short of a scientific revolution. Check out his book on:  and to order and advance copy to:

March 7th
Geoff Stray

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

In 2006, Geoff was walking across the 800-year-old Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral when he noticed circles of light moving across it. A search for an explanation in all the books in the cathedral bookshop revealed nothing! Geoff returned in 2011 to film the lights, but it took another six years of research and investigation to partially crack the mystery.... and another six years to complete the solution!  Thanks to the pandemic lock-downs, the final visit to Chartres to verify the results had to wait until June 2023, when a shocking truth was revealed. The talk will include video footage plus an animation.

April 4th
Richard Hutley

BIGFOOT - Fact or Fiction?

Bigfoot (otherwise known as Sasquatch) is a Cryptic large half man, half ape creature reportedly roaming the forests, mountains and uninhabited wilderness of North America. Evidence suggests that these creatures exists, supported by Native American folklore stretching back long before the arrival of Europeans in the Americas. Denied by science, but witnessed by countless people, video footage, DNA and other supporting evidence. With a basis in History and Folklore, this presentation takes you through the evidence and allows you to 'Make your mind up'

May 2nd
No Meeting

Local Election Day - No Meeting

Sadly our venue is being used as a polling station

June 6th

AGM - and short talks evening

There will be three speakers

Roger Anderton - The Witching Hour

Steve Hawker - Rodney and the Serpents

Derrick Williamson - Reminiscence & a poem

July 2nd
No Meeting

General Election Day - No Meeting

Sadly our venue is being used as a polling station

August 1st
Ben Emlyn-Jones

Skeptics- Who are they? Why are they wrong? And why does it matter?

Ben Emlyn-Jones asks some searching questions about those who challenge those who challenge. All people who look into UFO's, paranormal and similar matters will, at some point, come across the skeptics; people who dismiss and deny everything that has been discovered. Yet, tonight Ben puts THEM under examination.


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September 5th
Maria Wheatley

Lost Civilisations and Standing Stones

Maria will explore the lost civilisations of the British Isles that had similar burial practises to ancient Egypt and how they created a temple dedicated to the Moon and the Goddess of Reincarnation, personified as a constellation that was once at the zenith of Stonehenge. Maria also reveals the many diverse types of earth energies that were woven into the site. How the government destroyed a healing stone and infilled another to deface it. Maria discusses  lost stone settings and how the royal family stole one of the main stones that once graced the site. The truth is often far stranger than fiction. 
Maria's research is archaeologically correct and she reveals what the stone circle was once used for showing the mysteries of stone circles near, far and wide and tells you what the archaeologists won't...

October 3rd
Neil Ward

In search of Hominids and Humanoids

Neil Ward, who has previously spoken at Dorset Earth Mysteries, returns again to this time enlighten us about Hominids, essentially the Bigfoot. What is the Minnesota Iceman? Also the extra information about Patti, the female Bigfoot filmed in 1967. The remarkable tale of Albert Ostman, who spent 5 days kidnapped by a family of Bigfoot. Then we look at the Humanoids. Two arms, two legs, but whatever is in between is anybody's guess! Strange alien or ET encounters, and strange Fey or faerie creatures that will boggle you before bedtime! Hold tight for some weird encounters of the bizarre!  Look out for Neil's forth-coming book True Tales of the Paranormal, due out in November 24.

November 7th
Sheila Wade

In the Footsteps of Thomas Hardy

On 2nd June 1847, the day of Hardy’s seventh birthday, was the day the first train pulled by the steam engine “Reindeer” came into the newly built Dorchester station, the terminus of the new Corkscrew Railway, joining Dorchester and rural Dorset and Hampshire with Southampton and on to London.  You can imagine Hardy…. and his family…. standing and watching as that first train passed just the other side of the peaceful Frome valley…. a few miles from Hardys home. 

Thomas Hardy, novelist and poet, national treasure, born on 2nd June 1840 and died on 11th January in 1928 at age 88….. a grand old man of the London literary scene, a man whose career straddled the Victorian and Edwardian eras…and also  a man of the traditions and ways of life of rural Dorset.


December 5th
Alison Todd


Full Details to follow