The Dorset Earth Mysteries Group was formed in 1998 to promote and explore various Earth Mysteries.

Dorset Earth Mysteries Group

The Dorset Earth Mysteries Group was formed in 1998 to promote and explore various Earth Mysteries

Once a month, speakers are invited to share their views on a variety of subjects; from UK stone circles to Ancient Egypt; from Dowsing to conventional Archaeology.

All are welcome.

Talks are held on the first Thursday of each month at 19:15. Talks start 19:30.

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July 7th 2022
Ben Emlyn-Jones

Roswell Rising

Ben Emlyn-Jones is a former hospital porter and independent journalist who, over the course of his life, has come to realize that subjects most people laugh at like UFO's, the paranormal and government cover-ups are real. Not only are they real, they are the most important issues affecting the world today. Gaining an understanding of them has become a necessity. Ben is the author of the books Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure and its two sequels. He writes the HPANWO blog and a column in UFO Truth Magazine.

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August 4th 2022
Yuri Leitch

The Ogmios Line and the Celtic Mysteries of Dorset

This 60 minute presentation, followed by 30 minutes Q and A, will look at late Victorian occult intrigues about Dorset Earth Mysteries that have evolved to shed light upon the spiritual mysticism of the heartlands of the Celtic tribe of Dorset; the Durotriges, and their relationship to their sacred landscape – and beyond.  Peeling back the many centuries of intrigue – touching upon Glastonbury Tor and Gwyn ap Nudd; the isle of Portland; Maiden Castle; the Cerne Abbas Giant; the Celtic Sea Trade; Dion Fortune; Katharine Maltwood; and the great goddess of the land, Nemetona 'She of the Sacred Grove'.

Yuri Leitch is an artist and writer, born in Devon in 1968, he has spent most of his life in the West Country – and recent years in the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey.  He has been involved with psychical research and Earth Mysteries studies since the late 1980s.  His main interests are Celtic mysticism and the occult intrigues of British history.  He is the author of many books including 'The Pagan Temple of Glastonbury Tor'; 'The Terrestrial Alignments of Katharine Maltwood & Dion Fortune'; and most recently - the seven-hundred page – 'Gwyn: God of Annwn'

September 1st 2022
Stephen Tonkin

Ten Ways the Universe Tries to Kill You

From gamma-ray bursts to asteroid impacts, an overview of cataclysmic events. This light-hearted but scientifically robust approach incorporates a lot of fundamental cosmological processes, from stellar evolution to galactic interaction. 


October 6th 2022
David Whitehouse

Apollo 11-The Inside Story

The first landing on the Moon is the greatest feat of exploration in history. Everyone knows about Neil Armstrong’s “One Small Step,” but what were the challenges, the successes and tragedies that led up to it. David Whitehouse reveals them in his best-selling book.


November 3rd 2022
Neil Geddes-Ward

More Encounters with Faeries Ghosts and Spirits

Following his popular talk in January - Neil is back, with more adventures in the spiritual realm

December 1st 2022
Malcolm Angel,

In Search Of Isaac Gulliver, Legendary Dorset Smuggler

From the latter half of the eighteenth century, until the year of his death in 1822, Isaac Gulliver rose to become the most notorious and successful smuggler on the south coast of England. A figure of legend and mystery and a hero of romance, Gulliver and his army of moonrakers harried the Kings preventative officers along the coast of Hampshire and Dorset, from Christchurch in the east to Lyme Regis in the west.