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Talks in Detail 2022

January 6th
Neil Geddes-Ward

Encounters with Faeries, Ghosts and Spirits

Extraordinary experiences of Faerie Encounters, Ghostly sightings and spirit communications by ordinary people. Are they mad or over doing the Earl Grey or really tapping into something beyond our reality? Neil Geddes-Ward recounts some very strange and bizarre happenings from around the world of the strange  encounters of things that go more than bump in the night!

February 3rd
Kathy Stearne

The Myth and Magic of the Drowner - sustainable technology for over 300 yrs

Kathy grew up in the Yorkshire Dales where she began her love for the countryside and history. Working in agriculture and conservation since 1980; She gained a Doctorate in Agricultural History and Ecological Management, from Imperial College London. She is presently the Environmental Coordinator for Lee Abbey Devon, and runs a consultancy for landowners and farmers, advising on conservation (in the widest sense of the word), ecology, and hydrology.  recently working with Hampshire Wildlife Trust on the water meadows of the Upper Itchen and Test Valleys

March 3rd
Mark Herbert

Did Those Feet Walk on Devon

Traditions of Joseph of Arimathea and the boy Jesus visiting south-west England are reputedly confined to Cornwall and Somerset. They have been conspicuously absent from the bridging shire of Devon; land that, 2000 years ago, represented two-thirds of Dumnonia

April 7th
Alan Cooke

The Pros and Cons of Wireless Technology including 5G

Alan is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. He qualified as a Magnotherapist in 2003
Following a three-year study Alan brings the results of peer reviewed scientific papers and top independent doctors as he talks about mobile phones, cordless landlines, smart meters and explains what 5G will mean for us all. Alan also reveals how most people are unaware that there is a warning hidden in the small print of all mobile phones not to hold them against your body (including in your pocket, or against your head whilst on a call). The most vulnerable people are children as their bodies contain 20% more water and because they have a much smaller frame than that of adults they absorb more of these waves. This presentation consists of Power Point slides and is interspersed with short videos and demonstrations.

May 5th

AGM and Short Talks Night

Members will be presenting a variety of short talks. This evening is open to all, and proved a great success in previous years. If you wish to provide a 20 minute talk, please contact Steve. Details will be added as the slots are filled. Full Technical help will be given.