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Talks in Detail 2021

September 2nd
Book Sale !

Book Sale and Chat

Starting a bit later 1915 get in.. 1945 start

All of Dave Sheads books will be up for sale at bargain prices.. 

A chance for us all to get together and chat.

September 18th

Unity for World Peace Gathering

Viisions Life Force Foundation

Arnewood Bridge Manor Farm

Tiptoe SO41 6ER

Closing date for numbers - 7th September

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October 7th
Luzia Barclay DBTh MIRCH

Virus - Friend or Foe?

Luzia will be talking about Viruses and how essential they are to our wellbeing.

Viruses have a bad reputation. What actually is a virus?  What is a retrovirus? Are all viruses harmful?

Role of viruses during human development.
Role of virome on our planet.
Special type of viruses: bacteriophages (the most numerous viruses)
Disease causing viruses, e.g. polio virus
How does our immune system deal with viral infections?
Role of pharmaceutical antiviral medication and their effects on the environment.
Natural remedies to support our immune system in dealing with viral infections. How do they work? 
She will bring with me handouts with a list of natural remedies that support our immune system to deal with viral infections.
There will be a small selection of some of these remedies for sale, so come with cash :-)
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November 4th
Richard Hutley

Holy Grail in America - The Knights Templars

Who were the Templars? What happened to them after October Friday 13th 1307? Was Columbus really the first European to locate & arrive in the Americas? What is the evidence that The Templars were there 200 years before? And .... why did they go and what did they take with them?

December 2nd
Stephen Tonkin

The Right Light at Night

At very short Notice...

Light Pollution was first identified as a problem by astronomers, but its consequences reach far wider. It is now widely recognised that artificial light at night, especially bright white light, can have profoundly negative effects on human health, and this is just the tip of an iceberg of harm. The effects on wildlife have been devastating, leading directly to the death of millions of birds each year and being the major driver of the insect apocalypse (studies suggest that 40% of insects will be extinct within the next few decades).

The solutions are at hand, are simple to implement, will have a net saving (of money, energy use and carbon emissions) and will not compromise security or our ability to safely work, travel and play at night. We need to act now before it is too late.