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Talks in Detail 2020

January 2nd
Mark Herbert
Dartington and the Sirius Connection
Mark Herbert explores the strange links between Dartington Hall in Devon and the Sirius star system in his fascinating article that details his research into the intriguing history of this building. He explores how Sirius was discovered and the likely effects of its various cycles and what their imminent completion may portend.

February 6th
Viisions Life Force Foundation
The Warriors Of Old
Viisions Life Force Foundation has been achieved from the guidance of The Warriors Of Old from the spirit world through their messages channelled to our teacher, Gerry. They have a story that must be told of how we should be protecting our Mother Earth and bring back peace, love and harmony given to Mother Earth at the beginning of time.
Our teacher, Gerry, has been a see’r since birth and over the years has had many trials and tribulations to get to where she is today. Gerry is one of the few white people, and a woman at that , that the Indigenous Native American Nations have taken to their heart, knowing that she asks nothing from them except their understanding that she has been chosen to help them pass on their philosophies and ways on how we should all be helping our world survive for future generations. Living in truth and harmony is extremely important to our Native brothers and sisters. We hope you will come and enjoy our story.

March 5th
Alison Todd
Kinesiology - An Evening of Alternative Healing II
Kinesiology is a natural health therapy used to balance posture, increase energy levels, relieve stress, alleviate aches and pains and helps the body feel and function better which enables people to be more effective in daily life, it can help clarify and achieve goals and lead people into happier, healthier ways of being.

April 2nd
Mark Gibbons
Mayan Astronomy
The Mayans were a South American culture that flourished for a long time until the Spanish Conquistadors arrived. As a society they were pretty obsessed with astronomy. They invented one of the most elegant writing systems ever devised to help record their findings, including arguably the world's first use of zero. They built some stunning observatories that we can still visit, and their measurement of heavenly objects was more accurate than that in Europe of the time. This talk looks at what we have been able to piece together so far from what has survived.

May 7th
Alan Cooke
The Pros and Cons of Wireless Technology including 5G
Alternative Venue - Please watch this space
Alan is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine and International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. He qualified as a Magnotherapist in 2003
Following a three-year study Alan brings the results of peer reviewed scientific papers and top independent doctors as he talks about mobile phones, cordless landlines, smart meters and explains what 5G will mean for us all. Alan also reveals how most people are unaware that there is a warning hidden in the small print of all mobile phones not to hold them against your body (including in your pocket, or against your head whilst on a call). The most vulnerable people are children as their bodies contain 20% more water and because they have a much smaller frame than that of adults they absorb more of these waves. This presentation consists of Power Point slides and is interspersed with short videos and demonstrations.