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Talks in Detail 2019

January 3rd
Dave Shead
Adventures in the Orkneys and the Outer Hebrides
Dave will give a colourful and interesting trip around various sites of interest

February 7th
Steve Hawker
My Weird Life
Change of Speaker
Steve, Treasurer of the DEMG first entered into a spiritual path by accident, when a chance encounter with a medium changed his life. Predictions and Revelations followed, and from that moment, life was never going to be 'ordinary' again..

March 7th
Roma Harding
Wheel of the Year
The Wheel of the Year represents the cyclical wheel of nature, the changing rhythms of the seasons. With illustrations, Roma will explore each of the eight Celtic festivals, marked by the solstices and equinoxes and four cross-quarter days: Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain. Our ancestors were aware that the sun and moon and the heavenly bodies created the celestial timings of the seasons. Their belief system was based on these needs, understanding their environment and how all connected with the landscape that surrounded them. They were aware of the sacred at all times and places; many of the Celtic pagan festivals were taken into the Christian calendar. We will look at the archetypal energies of the harvest wheel and how these overlay on the zodiac, to enable us to work consciously and attune throughout the year with the energies of nature.

April 4th
Steve Dawson
King Johns Lost Treasure
Next year it will be 800 years since King John of ‘Robin Hood’ fame lost all his Royal Treasures in the Lincoln Wash. It had been John’s favourite hobby collecting jewellery, gold, silver plate, relics and other valuables. Most ‘Treasure Hunters’ have concentrated their searches near Sutton Bridge and Tydd Gotte but earlier this year a LiDAR ground penetrating survey showed all the ancient trackways & Roman banks that traversed the Wash, making access fairly straight forward, but 15 miles to the North it indicated a very exposed area open to the North Sea, at Fosdyke Bridge. This is where we think King John’s Treasure was lost.

May 2nd
Venue used for Polling
Meeting Cancelled

June 6th
AGM and Short Talks Night
Members will be presenting a variety of short talks. This evening is open to all, and proved a great success in previous years. If you wish to provide a 20 minute talk, please contact Steve. Details will be added as the slots are filled. Full Technical help will be given.

July 4th
Maria Wheatley
Egyptian Divining and Dowsing
Decades ago, French diviners travelled to Egypt, and noted that in the Valley of the Kings one burial contained a pendulum device. Furthermore, the pendulum devices were painted on walls and upon stone temples.
After much research, the diviners realised the relationship between the Sun-the great god Ra-and the Earth Goddess was paramount to health and well being as well as allowing dowsing to decode earth energies. The relationship between the Sun and the Earth gave birth to a powerful earth energy which Maria will describe in detail.
She will also show you the dowsing devices and explore the frequency’s and earth energies associated with ancient Egypt.

August 1st
Geoff Stray
Glastonbury Underground: What Lies Beneath the ‘Holiest Earthe’?
Geoff has written books on prophecy and ancient calendars, and has ‘de-coded’ the Chartres Labyrinth as a device to calculate the moving date of Easter
His latest book'Glastonbury Underground' explores the facts behind the rumours about tunnels under the Abbey and Tor. Are they pure invention? If not, what were they for? And are they still there?

October 3rd
John Billingsley
Desire Paths – A New Line on the Ley?
The defining characteristic of a ley is – I hope we would all agree – straightness. That was the key point that Alfred Watkins drew attention to, and even advocates of the alleged energy lines that have come to be mis-labelled ‘ley lines’ generally feel honour-bound to stress straightness.
It was this deliberate straightness that nettled many when Watkins first proposed the ley hypothesis; in the 1920s, it was hard for many to believe that primitive prehistoric peoples (as they were thought to be, despite the architectural evidence otherwise at places such as Stonehenge) could or would have laid things out in straight lines. Well, times move on, minds open under the weight of evidence, and the principle of deliberate prehistoric alignment – albeit not leys per se – is now accepted.

November 7th
Ananda Sirisena
Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification
Following his previous talks on Mars and SETI, Ananda will talk about The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. It was a secret investigatory effort funded by the United States Government to study unidentified flying objects, but it was not classified. The program was first made public on December 16, 2017.