Dorset Earth Mysteries Group - Talks on Everything from Archaeology to Dowsing

Dorset Earth Mysteries Group

Talks in 2017

January 5th
James McComish
Sacred Geometry and Connections to the Stars

February 2nd
Marcus Allen
Construction of Ancient Structures

March 2nd
Glenn Lane
The Runes

April 6th
Sylvia Francke
The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral

May 11th
Maria Wheatley
Stonehenge, and the Nephilim
New Date

June 1st
Various Speakers
Short Talks Evening and AGM

July 6th
Jonathan Black
The Sacred History of the World

August 3rd
Colin Parker
How to Read Stonehenge

September 7th
Jeremy Harte
The Yew Tree
Change of Speaker

October 5th
Joe Crane
Aerial Views of Dorset

November 2nd
Gary Biltcliffe
Rediscovering the Sacred Omphalos Sites of Britain and Ireland

December 7th
Chantelle Smith

Forged In The Flame: Music and Songs from Brighid

Details of the above talks are on the details page.
All Talks are in the Stapehill Village Hall, 224 Wimborne Road West, Stapehill BH21 2DY at 7:15pm Entrance 5.00