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Talks in Detail 2016

January 7th
Geraldine Beskin
Beating the Bounds
The Parish boundaries are walked, driven, ridden and sailed over every year as they are still an important way of defining areas. The Church should get them done before Easter but nowadays they are marked whenever people are free and it makes for a good day out. Property developers are not particularly known for their historical awareness but the Parish records can throw up useful covenants and restrictions to halt demolition sometimes and it is fun to find out why somewhere is called what it is. I think I have found beating the bounds to be a very clear pre-Christian survival that is thriving today.

February 4th
Andrew Gough
The Hidden Hive of History
Andrew Gough is a writer, television presenter and enthusiast of ancient lands, mysteries and traditions. His presentation,

March 3rd
Andy Thomas
The Crop Circle Mysteries
With stunning visuals, Andy explores the extraordinary phenomenon of crop circles, the intricate shapes which appear in fields around the world each summer and still defy total explanation despite media scepticism and much debate. This lively and inspiring presentation explains the fascinating history of the mysterious patterns up to the present and explores how both the designs and some of the intriguing and imaginative theories concerning them have developed over the years.

April 7th
Steve Dawson
Hartmann and Curry grids
Our planet earth is surrounded by a highly complex grid of energy lines, rather like a hair net. Actually, it

May 12th
Trish Mills
The Perpetual Choirs and the Decagon
2nd Thursday
'The Interconnectedness of All Things

June 2nd
Short Talks Evening and AGM
Members will be presenting a variety of short talks. This evening is open to all, and proved a great success in 2014/2015.

Tina Reidy

July 7th
Frank Perry
The World of Singing Bowls
Working with the singing bowls since 1971 Frank lists over 200 types of bowls in his book. He will introduce us to some of these from the three categories that he gives. He will demonstrate some of the acoustical properties of bowls and some of their applications within the world of meditation.

August 4th
David Ash
The Vortex Theory
The Vortex Theory originating from ancient Yogic Philosophy provides an account of subatomic particles, as spherical vortices of energy, which explains the properties of matter such as inertia, mass and three dimensional extension. Extending vortex energy also sets up the force fields including electric charge, magnetism and gravity. It also accounts for 'curved space'. Einstein

September 1st
Marion Matthews
Super Clues to Reality
Mark Booth Cancelled
What is the fundamental nature of our reality? Who exactly are we, and what are we doing here? These are the questions that Marion asked myself before she wrote her first book Aspects of reality- a user

October 6th
Paul Broadhurst
Axis of Heaven
Paul will unearth the hidden knowledge that inspired many famous historical figures. The cast of those who linked themselves to this ancient tradition includes the Normans, Plantagenets and Tudors, whose favourite royal palace stood at Greenwich. Queen Elizabeth

November 3rd
Martin Green
A Landscape revealed
The Down Farm Landscape (where Martin

December 1st
Andrew Gough
Rennes le Chateau
The story of Rennes-le-Ch