The Dorset Earth Mysteries Group was formed in 1998 to promote and explore various Earth Mysteries.

Dorset Earth Mysteries Group

The Dorset Earth Mysteries Group was formed in 1998 to promote and explore various Earth Mysteries

Once a month, speakers are invited to share their views on a variety of subjects; from UK stone circles to Ancient Egypt; from Dowsing to conventional Archaeology.

All are welcome.

Talks are held on the first Thursday of each month at 19:15. Talks start 19:30.

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July 6th 2023
Ben Emlyn-Jones

Helen Duncan - the Most Dangerous Psychic in the World

Ben is the author of the books Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure and its two sequels. He writes the HPANWO blog and a column in UFO Truth Magazine. Tonight he will be looking at the strange case of Helen Duncan. The 1944 "Witchcraft Trial" in which psychic medium Helen Duncan was imprisoned for nine months took place seventy-eight years ago, yet it still arouses controversy and is as relevant today as it has ever been. It dives into the dark world of espionage and war, but it also has deeper implications about the nature of humanity and spirituality, and how that is also a secret being suppressed. Will contain important and exclusive new updates!

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August 3rd 2023
Neil Geddes-Ward

More Encounters with Faeries Ghosts and Spirits

In this sequel talk to Encounters with Faeries, Ghosts and Spirits, Neil, co-host of The Paranormal Peep Show, highlights some interesting sightings of possible beings known as the Fey, or Faeries. Also discussed are interesting seances, with unknown but remarkable by all accounts, mediums from the 1930s in Brazil, and also back in the Victorian times, with the appearance of the mysterious Katie King spirit manifesting in the lab of Sir William Crookes. Neil gives some impressive accounts of sightings of Roman Ghosts of York, the well known Harry Martingdale case, and a visit twice from a ghost on the same night!!

September 7th 2023

October 5th 2023

November 2nd 2023

December 7th 2023
Dr Kathy Stearne

Water Meadows – the Myth and magic of the Drowner

Growing up in the Yorkshire Dales Kathy has a love for the countryside and history. She has worked in agriculture and conservation since 1980. Kathy gained a Doctorate in Agricultural History and Ecological Management, from Imperial College London, in 2004. She presently runs a consultancy for land owners and farmers, advising on conservation (in the widest sense of the word), ecology, and hydrology. She has many years’ experience as a successful lecturer and mentor.

The origins of water meadows are lost in medieval times. Surface water irrigation expanded in Wessex and throughout England from the sixteenth century and was a sustainable intensive integrated agricultural system until the twentieth century. This talk looks at the origins of water meadows in England, their management and importance to agriculture through the centuries, and why they are still important in terms of landscape history and ecology today.