The Dorset Earth Mysteries Group - Talks for 2009

Dorset Earth Mysteries Group

Talks 2009

January 1st
Ananda Sirisena
Sacred Geometry on Mars -- Did Mars Have A Temple Of The Sun?

An illustrated lecture

February 5th
Peter Knight & Toni Perrott
The Wessex Astrum

March 5th
Gary Biltcliffe
The Belinus Line (The Spine of Albion)


April 2nd
Hugh Newman
Stone Age Survival

Earth Energies, Fertility & Secrets of the Stones


May 7th

Change of Speaker and Topic
Gemma Ingason

Archaeology and Aggregates


June 11th
Change of Date - 2nd Thursday of June
Jerry Bird
Landscape of Memory - Traditional Folklore and the Modern Pagan


July 2nd
Andy Thomas
Mysteries and Cover Ups


August 6th
Dean Carter
Sound Bath


September 3rd
Cassie Martin and Caroline Milton
Ring Quest: The Continuing Story of the Ring


October 1st

Cancelled due to Illness
Michael Dames


November 5th
Mark Rendell
A Ley Hunters Tale


December 3rd
Beverley Frost
The Tarot, The Knights Templar and the origins of Freemasonry


Details of the above talks are on the details page.
All Talks are in the Stapehill Village Hall, 224 Wimborne Road West, Stapehill BH21 2DY at 7:15pm Entrance £4.50