The Dorset Earth Mysteries Group - Talks for 2009 in Detail

Dorset Earth Mysteries Group

Talks in Detail 2009


January 1st

Sacred Geometry on Mars -- Did Mars Have A Temple Of The Sun?
Since the 1976 NASA Viking Orbiter pictures of Mars there has been controversy surrounding “The Face on Mars” and other unusual features photographed in the region called Cydonia.
Ananda will present an outline of the latest research arising from the work of The Society for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR) based at the University of Tennessee -- Space Institute. The staggering mound configuration on the sands of Mars suggests an “intelligent design”. What does the mathematics of this design tell us?


February 5th
Peter Knight & Toni Perrott
The Wessex Astrum

Following the launch of their book in October 2008, Peter and Toni present their findings.
This book presents an astounding new discovery of an ancient hexagram encoded onto the Wessex landscape, involving Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, as well as several sacred hills, holy springs and wells, Knights Templar sites, and many other sacred places, including some newly discovered megaliths, sites of ancient abbeys, wells and springs and ancient burial mounds. This book will astound you!


March 5th
Gary Biltcliffe
The Belinus Line (The Spine of Albion)

The Belinus ley line is the longest ley line in Britain and was researched by Gary Biltcliffe . Gary has followed The Belinus line from the Isle of Wight, via St Catherine's Hill, nr Winchester, and its continuation northwards where it eventually targets Inverhope in Scotland,. dowsing its male and female “serpent" energies.

DEMG are fortunate that Gary has agreed to return to this subject to bring us up date on his research


April 2nd
Hugh Newman
Stone Age Survival
Earth Energies, Fertility & Secrets of the Stones

Scientific research of crop circles has helped unlock how the ancients used earth mounds, big stones and magnetic earth energy currents to enhance seeds, promote fertility and re-mineralise their food. With dowsing, the ancients could even locate underground water, test for poisonous foods and locate magnetic and telluric lines of energy. Stone circles and dolmens acted at electrifiers to enhance seed quality and yield, and even helped keep us humans fertile, as many of the global legends state. There is new evidence that agriculture and civilization succeeded soon after the construction of megalithic sites & pyramids. Plus new research on how this could have been part of the earth grid will also come under the spotlight. Hugh will also be looking at sites from his recent trips to Peru & Malta with evidence that this knowledge was a global post-flood phenomenon.


May 7th
Change of Speaker and Topic
Gemma Ingason
Archaeology and Aggregates

The marine aggregate industry provides approximately 21% of the sand and gravel needed for construction projects around the UK. Every dredged area is investigated prior to the start of work to ensure that no known wrecks or sites of archaeological interest are likely to be impacted upon. Despite this, staff in the marine aggregate industry regularly discover archaeological material amongst dredged loads.

This talk will explore the range and variety of finds that have been reported through the Implementation Service which Wessex Archaeology runs for members of the British Marine Aggregate Producers Association. These finds, which have been dredged from around the coast of Britain, have included mammoth tusks and teeth, Palaeolithic tools, maritime remains, WW2 aircraft and post-war rubble and the talk will be illustrated with examples for you to handle.

We will also explore two major research projects that have developed because of significant dredged discoveries. These are the Aircraft Crash Sites at Sea project, which developed after the discovery of over 300 pieces of a German Junkers from the Norfolk Coast and the newly commissioned Area 240 project, which intends to fully explore the submerged prehistory of this North Sea licence area, 8km east of Great Yarmouth.

June 11th
Change of Date - 2nd Thursday of June
Jerry Bird
Landscape of Memory - Traditional Folklore and the Modern Pagan

The roots of modern Paganism are nourished by soil of old Albion, whose inherently pagan past has always lain barely hidden beneath the surface. This rich heritage is constantly being mined by archaeologists and folklorists, and has provided the building blocks for the reconstruction of the Old Religion. Jerry’s book Landscape of Memory takes the reader on a journey through England, visiting some of its lesser known sites and exploring some of the stranger aspects of folklore, music, tradition, myth and legend that have survived in our sacred landscape. Meet the author and hear why he thought writing such a book was important in the light of certain trends within the modern Pagan movement, and visit some of the ancient sites that he researched along the way, with some surprising discoveries.


July 2nd
Andy Thomas
Mysteries and Cover Ups

In a lively and thought-provoking presentation, Andy Thomas explores some of the most famous mysteries of recent history, finding unexpected linking threads between them: the alleged Roswell UFO crash, religious apparitions, psychic phenomena, visions of the future and ancient prophecies... Is there any reality to these enigmas, and what is the connection to famous conspiracy theories concerning the moon landings, 9/11 and claims that the world is run by a mysterious 'illuminati' elite..?
Andy is a leading researcher into unexplained mysteries and is the world's most prolific writer on crop circles.  His many books include Fields Of Mystery, Quest For Contact (with Paul Bura), An Introduction to Crop Circles, Swirled Harvest, A Oneness of Mind and Vital Signs, described by many as the definitive guide to crop circles.  Andy is founder of Changing Times, which holds events on political truth and liberty issues, and also Vital Signs Publishing, which produces books on 'signs of our times'.  He is also author of three books on his home town of Lewes: Streets of Fire, The Lewes Flood and Lewes - A Souvenir Guide.  Andy widely writes and lectures in England and abroad, and has made numerous radio and TV appearances.  UK spots have included Channel 4's Richard and Judy, BBC 2's Esther, and ITV's GMTV breakfast show.  Andy has also featured in television programmes as far afield as the USA, Peru, Japan, Germany, Italy and many other countries.

August 6th
Dean Carter
Sound Bath

Dean is a sound healer, musician, and poet whose own journey of healing has led him to some startling discoveries about the sacred nature of sound. Following on from his delightful talk he will be presenting a full “Sound Bath”, which will be an experience not to be missed. (Bring something to lie on). Please be punctual. Late entry may not be permitted.

September 3rd
Cassie Martin and Caroline Milton
Ring Quest: The Continuing Story of the Ring

This is the story of a new quest to rid the world of the Dark Lord’s evil Ring of Power. It is based on the idea that Tolkien's ‘Ring’ trilogy was a true story – as Tolkien himself believed. As with ghosts, the events have become trapped in time, now at another dimension. With the ending of our Age, the evil power of the Ring once again awakens to the call of its Master. This time, under the guidance of a remarkable man, a new Fellowship sets out to cleanse the Master Ring of its evil vibrations, at places of power, within astrological signs anciently mapped out on the ground - so that it might be used for Good.

October 1st

Cancelled due to Illness
Michael Dames

Writer of books about the area which include Avebury Cycle, and The Silbury Treasure: The Great Goddess Rediscovered, Michael will talk about one of Britains best loved monuments, and discuss its deep significance and importance, as a link between ancient man and the earth.

November 5th
Mark Rendell
A Ley Hunters Tale

In this talk Mark explains how to get started in hunting for leys (energy alignments marked above ground by ancient, historic and topographic features) in the local environment and presents his current findings on the many alignments that criss-cross East Dorset and West Hampshire. Illustrated with maps, slides and a handout of key terms in the Ley Hunter’s dictionary, the talk culminates in a ‘ley mystery’ beneath the modern streets of Southampton: was the ancient port designed and built on sacred geometry principles?

December 3rd
Beverley Frost
The Tarot, The Knights Templar and the origins of Freemasonry

Bev's talk on the Tarot will cover the totally and blatantly unorthodox. She has been a reader for a number of years and have had the gift all her life. Using the Ryder Waite deck, she will illustrate its use by the Templars as a secret communiqué, and will also look at the symbology which confirms the links between Freemasonry and Ancient Egypt. Amongst other things Bev will show that there may have been 78 degrees in Freemasonry, rather than the 33 which remain today. The Tarot deck contains many insights for those with ears to hear and eyes to see…