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Talks 2005

January 13th - Discovering Sacred Sites Through Dowsing
Paul Craddock

February 3rd - Roots of European Geomancy
Sig Lonegren M.A.

March 3rd - Cycles of Catastrophy. Destruction and Rebirth of Prehistoric Civilisation
Nigel Blair

The Long Trip - Shamanism in Prehistoric Britain
Peter Knight

May 5th - The Crop Circle Enigma.
Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas

June 2nd - Portland a Landscape Temple.
Gary Biltcliffe

July 7th - Dark Moon
Marcus Allen

August 4th - Mary Magdalene: The most important Woman in History?
Lynn Picknett

September 1st - Further Sacred Geometry in the Landscape
Jonathon Harwood

October 6th Egyptian Sonics
John Reid

November 3rd Beyond 2012:Game Over or Next Level?
Geoff Stray

Details of the above talks are on the details page. All Talks are in the Friends Meeting House, Wharncliffe Road, Boscombe at 7:15pm Entrance £3.00