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Talks in Detail 2005

January 13th - Discovering Sacred Sites Through Dowsing
Paul Craddock
Paul who is Chairman of Wessex Dowsers, has been researching dowsing for over 22 years and has taught the subject for Bournemouth adult education. His courses have been featured on TV and the local press. Tonight Paul will show you how to use the ancient art of dowsing to find out all about the Earth Energies at sacred sites such as Knowlton Circles, Avebury, Stonehenge and Badbury Rings.

February 3rd - Roots of European Geomancy
Sig Lonegren M.A.
A look into the history the rebirth of geomancy in Europe starting in the early twentieth century and running up to the present. British pioneers like Alfred Watkins, Reginald Alendar Smith, Bruce MacManaway, John Michell and others will be focused on, but contributors from other countries will also be represented. Dowser, author, teacher and geomancer, Sig has run geomantic schools on both sides of the Atlantic, and presently serves as Vice President of the British Society of Dowsers.

March 3rd - Cycles of Catastrophy. Destruction and Rebirth of Prehistoric Civilisation
Nigel Blair
At the end of the last ice age the remnants of the Atlantean culture complex and other lost civilisations were violently destroyed by a series of catastrophes. The explanations range from massive global warmings melting the ice caps, great floods and rising sea levels, to the pole shifts and planet wide volcanic outbreaks, asteroid impacts and a great fragmentary earth crossing comet.

April 7th - The Long Trip - Shamanism in Prehistoric Britain
Peter Knight
DEMG Co-founder and local author Peter returns with a brand new presentation looking at evidence suggesting that shamanism was practiced throughout Britain in the Neolithic and Bronze Age. He will present findings by himself, Paul Devereux and others that suggest hallucinogenic plants, drumming, chanting and dream-sleep, all elements of tribal shamanism, were ritually used. Stonehenge, Avebury, Jersey, Maes Howe and Newgrange will be amongst sites described and illustrated with colour slides.

May 5th - The Crop Circle Enigma.
Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas
Steve and Karen have spent many years studying and photographing crop circles and Steve's stunning photos are internationally renowned. Tonight they will give an overview of the latest circles of 2004 and the his theories as to their origin. See www.temporarytemples.co.uk for examples of Steve's work, books and calendars.

June 2nd - Portland a Landscape Temple.
Gary Biltcliffe.
Gary Biltcliffe, author and researcher on sacred places, will reveal fascinating discoveries from his forthcoming book 'Sacred Portland'. He will explain his theory that most of the Island's holy sites are built and positioned to a divine plan of Sacred Geometry in order to create a landscape temple. He will also feature some of the hidden history to include that some of the earliest inhabitants were a race of divine Gnostic Christians from the Holy Land who were settled in Hampshire and Dorset by Kings of Wessex.They merged with the local druids who shared many facets of their religion. Their descendants in Dorset became the witches of folklore and the saints of legend.

July 7th - Dark Moon
Marcus Allen
Did man actually set foot on the moon, or was it all a carefully orchestrated deception. Marcus will be presenting evidence and will be discussing the possibilities.

August 4th - Mary Magdalene: The most important Woman in History?.
Lynn Picknett
Long believed to be a reformed prostitute - much given to pathological snivelling - Mary Magdalene is now being accepted as one of Jesus' disciples. This, however, goes nowhere far enough. Non-biblical texts make it quite clear that not only was Jesus besotted with her, often kissing her on the mouth, but that she was his chosen successor - and not Saint Peter. The early Church Fathers chose to marginalize and denigrate her rather than see her become the role model for women, and in rewriting the Christian story to make her unimportant, they effectively condemned generations of women to disenfranchised, uneducated and degraded lives. They also made sex a sin - even though it seems Jesus and Mary themselves had elevated it to a sacrament...

September 1st - Further Sacred Geometry in the Landscape
Jonathon Harwood
Jonathon builds on his last talk for us by revealing a remarkable figure of sacred geometry, when set out accurately, plots the position of old churches. He calls this figure ‘The Garden Fish’ and will explain some of its meaning.

October 6th - Egyptian Sonics
John Reid
John, author of the book of the same title, has performed many tests using sound in ancient monuments. “The foundations of many sciences were laid by the ancient Egyptians and some of their discoveries influenced Greek and Roman science. It is well documented that acoustic enhancement of public buildings was common practice in both Greek and Roman cultures but were their architects inspired by acoustical knowledge obtained from ancient Egypt? ”

November 3rd - Beyond 2012:Game Over or Next Level?
Geoff Stray
Geoff will give us a glimpse into his forthcoming book, Beyond 2012 - Catastrophe or Ecstasy highlighting the revelations that have come to light over the last two years, including connections with the recent Venus transit. The first part of this Power Point presentation will follow some of the manifestations of the 2012 phenomenon starting in 1500 BC and continuing up until recent times. The second part will demonstrate how we should be discerning in our investigation and looks at clues from crop formations, sacred sites and snake and ladder symbolism, to find one possible line of interpretation as to what might happen at the end of the Mayan 13-baktun cycle in 2012. Includes an animation of the Aztec Sunstone.

More details will appear as and when they are known