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Talks 2004

January 15th The Spirit of the Labyrinth.
Caroline Hoare

February 5th The St Michael Ley Line.
Peter Knight

March 4th Ancient Technologies
Steve Hawker

April 1st Shamanism - a Living Tradition.
Carole Trickett

May 6th Unravelling the Mysteries of Ireland's Sacred Sites
Rodney Carr-Smith

June 3rd Britain’s Prehistoric and Celtic Shamanic Practices.
Serena Roney-Dougal

July 1st - Sacred Geometry and the Mystery of Matter, Space and Time
Heather Paton

August 5th - The Meon Way
Gary Biltcliffe

September 2nd Seven Sacred Sites - Grails, Druids and Templars.
Hugh Le Prevost and Pagan Sinclair.

October 7th The Great Pyramid Decoded,
Alan Alford

Novovember 4th - The Crop Circle Enigma.
Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas ****


Details of the above talks are on the details page. All Talks are in the Friends Meeting House, Wharncliffe Road, Boscombe at 7:15pm Entrance £3.00