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Talks in Detail 2019

January 3rd
Dave Shead
Adventures in The Shetlands
Adventures in The Shetlands

February 7th
Neil Geddes Ward
Encounters with Faeries, Ghosts and Spirits
Extraordinary experiences of Faerie Encounters, Ghostly sightings and spirit communications by ordinary people. Are they mad or over doing the Earl Grey or really tapping into something beyond our reality? Neil Geddes-Ward recounts some very strange and bizarre happenings from around the world of the strange encounters of things that go more than bump in the night!

March 7th
Roma Harding

April 4th
Steve Dawson
King Johns Lost Treasure
King Johns Lost Treasure

May 2nd
Maria Wheatley
Egyptian Divining and Dowsing
Decades ago, French diviners travelled to Egypt, and noted that in the Valley of the Kings one burial contained a pendulum device. Furthermore, the pendulum devices were painted on walls and upon stone temples.
After much research, the diviners realised the relationship between the Sun-the great god Ra-and the Earth Goddess was paramount to health and well being as well as allowing dowsing to decode earth energies. The relationship between the Sun and the Earth gave birth to a powerful earth energy which Maria will describe in detail.
She will also show you the dowsing devices and explore the frequency’s and earth energies associated with ancient Egypt.