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Talks in Detail 2011

February 3rd
Dave Shead
Fairy Paths and Spirit Roads
Dave will be presenting details from Paul Devereux book of the same name. "Spirit Roads" are found all over Europe. In the UK they appear mainly as "corpse ways" or "church paths" - routes that were used to convey the dead to burial in medieval times. But they also have a secret history of other "spirit" attributes.

March 3rd
Paul Broadhurst
The Secret Land
Paul Broadhurst is one of the most original authors and researchers into the mysteries of ancient landscapes, their myths and the effect they have on human consciousness. Probably best known as the co-author of cult classics "The Sun and the Serpent" and "The Dance of the Dragon", which have changed the way a whole generation relate to the land, he has also written a number of ground breaking books investigating subjects as diverse as Holy Well, Arthurian Mythology and the real meaning behind the myth if St. George. In this illustrated talk he reveals the latest extraordinary discoveries uncovered in his new book, "The Sacred Land". In this he shows that a series of giant figures, clearly visible on maps and Google Earth, were created in the West Country landscape to reflect important star constellations linked to the origins of Arthurian mythology, which is based on much more ancient beliefs than is generally believed. These include the giant image of a Great Bear, in the landscape of Tintagel, where, according to legend, King Arthur was born. Since "Arthur" means "Great Bear" in the old British language the truth behind the story is shown to be derived from an impressive understanding of cosmology, for the constellation of the Great Bear is the guardian of heavenly order, which ancient kings sought to bring down to earth. Other figures create a "Round Table" of constellations, each reflecting the powers associated with certain star groups. Since Merlin is said to have been the originator of the Round Table, which became Arthurs property on his marriage to Guinevere, the King of Cornwalls daughter, these discoveries are linked to the earliest known legends of ancient Britain. Here is demonstrable proof that the megalith builders, Druids and early Celtic Christian Church, as well as others such as the Knights Templar, understood the power of the landscape and its secrets.

April 7th
Peter Knight
West Kennet Long Barrow: Landscape, Shamans and the Cosmos
Peter, DEMG co-founder, gives a powerpoint presentation based on his brand new book of the same title. He will look at this amazing 5,700 yr old Neolithic site, as well as the wider landscape around the Avebury area. Peter has discovered new astronomical alignments involving the barrow, and he will also look at the shamanic, earth energies, psychic work, ley lines and acoustics, as well as how we can use the site today for Earth-healing.

April 26th
Dean Carter
Sound Bath
Tuesday - Allendale
Dean is a sound healer, musician, and poet whose own journey of healing has led him to some startling discoveries about the sacred nature of sound. Following on from his delightful talk he will be presenting a full "Sound Bath", which will be an experience not to be missed. (Bring something to lie on). Please be punctual. Late entry may not be permitted

May 5th
No Meeting!
Referendum Day

June 2nd
Social Members Night
All those budding speakers will have a chance to give it a try. If there is something you would like to talk to the group about, then give me details, i.e. the subject matter and the length of time. We will try to fill the evening with as many diverse subjects as possible. We will supply the projection equipment and a laptop, so just get any accompanying pictures onto a data stick

July 7th
Pat Toms

August 4th
Andy Thomas
The Truth Agenda - An Update
In July 2009, In a lively and thought-provoking presentation, Andy Thomas explored some of the most famous mysteries of recent history, finding unexpected linking threads between them. His book,The Truth Agenda, is recognised as a respected presentation of what lies beneath the news headlines and generally presented versions of world events. Andy will provide an update to his book, of new information on old events and information on the new.