Dorset Earth Mysteries Group - Talks on Everything from Archaeology to Dowsing

Dorset Earth Mysteries Group

Talks 2010

January 7th
Peter Knight

Sacred Sites of Malta

(Allendale Centre, Wimborne)

February 4th
Rudi Unt
The Knights Templar

(Change of Speaker)


March 4th
Lorna Heath & Dean Carter
Orbs (El-Aeons), Plasma, and Earth Energies


April 1st
Hugh Newman

The Olmecs, Quetzelcoatl and the Megalithic Origins of Central America


May 13th
Change of date - Change of Venue - due to election day
(Allendale Centre, Wimborne)
Dean Carter

Sound Bath


June 3rd
Chris Ellis
The Rise of Civilization in Egypt


July 1st
Michael Hodges
Field Trip to St Catherines Hill


August 5th
Maria Wheatley & Busty Taylor
Earth Energies

September 2nd
Anthony Thorley
Exploring the Song of the Earth: 50 landscape zodiacs in the UK

October 7th
Celia Gunn
From Sinixt to Somerset: My life with Native Americans

November 4th
Anthony Thorley
Exploring the Song of the Earth: a new look at crop circles


December 2nd
Lawrence Main
Walking The Michael and Mary Line

Details of the above talks are on the details page.
All Talks are in the Stapehill Village Hall, 224 Wimborne Road West, Stapehill BH21 2DY at 7:15pm Entrance £4.50