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Talks in Detail 2008

January 3rd
Dean Carter
Sacred Sound and its relationship to Sacred Geometry

Dean will completing his trilogy of talks, about sacred sound, how it underlies the basis for many sciences, and discussing the latest discoveries about sound and music. Bring something to lie on.

February 7th
Edmund Marriage
Serpent Knowledge and Jesus the Druid

Edmund draws on Sumerian texts showing the main source for agricultural knowledge, how this knowledge was dissipated and suppressed by orgainsed religion, and denigrated into myrths, about goblins, fairies etc. he also explains how Jesus the Nazarene, and his druidic beliefs in England, spread out, and are still relevant today

March 6th
Gary Biltcliffe
The Etruscans and their influence on Modern Day Civilization

Gary will be giving the second half of his findings on the Etruscans, with new discoveries about how one of the most advanced, yet overlooked civilisations, brought knowledge throughout Europe and England. There will be slides showing us the monuments they left behind.

April 3rd
Peter Knight
Chambered Tombs of Europe - A Personal Journey

Peter returns with a brand new PowerPoint presentation of his journeys across Europe to study these ancient monuments. He will give examples from his travels in Britain, France, Ireland, Portugal, Sardinia, Malta and elsewhere to show how they were often not justfor the dead, but were liminal shamanic power places. Peter is author of 5 books on ancient sacred sites and DEMG Chairman.

May 1st
David Freeman
Iron Age Technologies and Beliefs

David, a freelance interpreter, specialising in the Iron Age/Celtic/ Romano-British period, will take us through the ancient methods employed by our ancestors, who were not as backward, as some historians would have us believe, before the romans came.

June 5th
Andy Manning
After the Archer: Excavations at Boscombe Down

Andy will cover the work over the last four years on the Boscombe Down Plateau, which has yielded nationally important remains, dating to the early Bronze Age, a time when Stonehenge was in its final stages of construction. The Site covers over 100ha last 4 years and was used as a significant place of burial, worship and remembrance in the later prehistoric period and includes the discovery of one of the largest pit circles in Britain. However, the memories must have lingered on, since 2500 years later, the nearby Romano-British Settlement also used the plateau for burials. Over 300 burials in 5 separate cemeteries have been discovered so far, spanning two centuries (from 220 to 400AD). Amongst the burials, we have found evidence of tragedy and hope. These remains, together with a recent spectacular find of a stone coffin, give us clues as to the life and death of the Romano-British inhabitants of Amesbury.

July 3rd
Martin Green
Field Trip to Down Farm

We will be the guests of archeologist and author Martin Green, who will show us around his wonderful museum of local finds. He will then show us a very deep Neolithic ritual pit he has excavated. We will then drive to nearby Knowlton Henge to witness the sunset. The evening will end with a gathering at the Horton Inn, a nearby watering hole. Meet at 7.00pm at Down Farm, off the A354, one mile south of Sixpenny Handley. Marked on OS maps (grid ref: 999148) Cost: £2 per head, towards the upkeep of Martin's museum and excavation costs.

August 7th - Change of Speaker
Michael Hodges
Dragon Folklore

Michael, a notable historian has just launched a new book.  Based in Christchurch, he will discuss the folklore surrounding ley lines. Michael has been chair of DEMG and also a Mayor of Christchurch, and is an active member of the Society of Ley Hunters, having also been chair.

September 4th
Terry Mason

For those that have never had any exposure to the world of Spiritualism, and would like to understand what it is all about, Terry is a member of the SNU, and will explain just what the attraction is for the many people who are regular attenders of Spiritualist Churches.

October 2nd
Toni Perrott
London Mysteries Continued (Details Changed)

Flowing through London's concrete and steel, amazingly, flow some of the most energetic arteries of Britain, which underlie many British ancient myths, and determined where many of the sacred sites were positioned. By following certain of these “Dragon Paths”, such as The Branwen Dragon Path and the London Elen Dragon Path, Toni Perrott reveals glimpses of an ancient sacred centre in pre-Roman London, with ancient mounds, a possible henge, the Sovereignty Path, and certain astronomical alignments confirmed by the dragon paths.

November 6th
Dean Carter
Sound Bath

Dean is a sound healer, musician, and poet whose own journey of healing has led him to some startling discoveries about the sacred nature of sound. Following on from his delightful talk he will be presenting a full “Sound Bath”, which will be an experience not to be missed. (Bring something to lie on). Please be punctual. Late entry may not be permitted.

More details will appear as and when they are known


December 4th
Michael Hodges
Ghost Walk in Christchurch

Get your coats on, get over to Christchurch and let Michael give you a guided tour of the local legends and stories which abound. A two hour walk, and then off to the pub.
Meet under the Mayor’s Parlour in High Street (entrance to shopping precinct) at 1930 prompt