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Talks in Detail 2007

January 4th
Bob Stephenson
Templars in London
Bob is Chairman of London Earth Mysteries Circle and is a maze maker and well known researcher and will be talking to us about his latest research showing the hidden influence of the templars in their laying out of their churches and sites in the capital.

February 1st - Last Minute Change of Speaker
Hugh Newman

The Plentary Grid and The Rainbow Serpent
The global Michael and Mary energy currents - Great earth circles - Earth chakra's - Megalithic sites - The Indigo children - Theories of the grid - Ancient measure mathematics - Crop circles - Grid myths - Today's use of the grid - The 26 mile Wandlebury 'Loxodrome' - The stones of antiquity - Ley Lines
Hugh Newman is a Megalithic and earth energies researcher and writes for various magazines and publications. His forthcoming book "The Planetary Grid" is due for release in 2008. He organises the Megalithomania Conferences with John Martineau and Gareth mills, co-edits Avalon Rising with Shaun Kirwan and David Hatfield and has been appointed as the 'Earth energies and Divinatory Arts' area coordinator for the Big Green Gathering. He has spoken at various conferences and lectures on the aforementioned subjects. He is planning to study and map the entire planetary grid in a ten-year project culminating in an 'Earth Grid Chronicles' series of books.

March 1st
The Cosmic Scale Underlying Universal Order revealed though Sound II
Dean Carter

Dean is a sound healer, musician, and poet whose own journey of healing has led him to some startling discoveries about the sacred nature of sound. Following on from his delightful talk in October, he will continue his subject, and follow the lecture with a "Sound Bath", which will be an experience not to be missed. (Bring something or someone to lie on).

April 5th
Spiritual Astrology
Brian Morland

Brian will help us understand how we can utilise the planets in ones own chart in order to live life in harmony with the self

May 3rd
Gerald Ponting
The Stone Circle of Callanish

From 1974 till 1984, Gerald lived on the Isle of Lewis, near the village of Callanish. The Standing Stones of Callanish are, arguably, the most evocative group of megaliths in the British Isles. he visited and photographed them in sunshine and in snow, with blue skies, stormy skies and mackerel skies, with rainbows and with sun-halos. There is a magic about the site and the way in which the stones relate to the surrounding croftland and moorland, to the waters of East Loch Roag and to the open Hebridean skies.

June 7th
Sacred Symbolism - From Cave Art to the Da Vinci Code
Peter Knight

Peter gives an updated illustrated presentation tracing the development of symbols throughout Man's spiritual history. Cave art, Egypt and prehistoric carvings of Ireland, Portugal, Brittany will be covered, and how Christianity "adopted" ancient images. Peter will reveal startling new photos of Mary Magdalene, confirming key aspects of the Da Vinci Code.

July 5th
Holy Wells and Sacred Waters
Shaun Ogbourne

An investigation into the properties of water at holy wells, dew ponds, underground water and sacred sites. Its benefits to health, how they are spirit magnets, and how man can interact with them via dowsing and other techniques.

August 2nd
Stanton Drew Stone Circle
Gordon Strong

Gordon Strong has studied Stanton Drew, one of the much neglected stone circles south of Bristol. He will be telling us his theories and how it relates to the moon and the sun and the sacred geometry involved.

September 6th
The Real King Arthur
Lawrence Main

Lawrence is a past chairman of the society of ley hunters, and has written several well researched books on the real King Arthur of Calmain, where it is located (the true battle field) and how the legend evolved, and became distorted.

October 4th
Marcus Allen

Marcus will be showing us some of the mysteries of Egypt, and drawing on his editorship of Nexus magazine, to illustrate, with slides, some of the enigmas, and offer some reasons for their existence. He will show how little we actually understand about one of the most advanced civilizations of ancient times, and attempt to decipher their legacy.

November 1st
Bang Lonestar
The Glastonbury Zodiac

Lone will be talking on the Glastonbury Zodiac., the huge figures in the landscape. There is a video presentation to accompany this talk. Lone does walking tours of these figures. Lone can be contacted on 01458 835416, or email at or from

December 6th
Earth Energies and Symbolism of London
Toni Perrot

Why were there over 100 churches in the City of London's square mile, and why on those particular sites? And what about The Tower, St Paul's and Westminster Abbey? Toni Perrott answers these questions using original research on earth energies, symbolism and sacred geometry, astronomical alignments, leys and dowsing, the Templars, all drawn from her forthcoming book. Illustrated.