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Talks in Detail 2006

January 5th - Remote Viewing - Is it Real?
David Kingston

David started researching UFOs in 1950's whilst serving in a Royal Air Force intelligence unit. Now in the 05's, it is common knowledge that "psychics" were used in specialised intelligence units belonging to all countries during the "cold-war". What you must remember is however that back in the late 1960's to obtain funding for such covert operations the word "psychic" was definitely taboo. Words had to have a plausible scientific meaning or a made up one, or completely baffle the government funding bodies so the invention of the words "Remote Viewing", "Sensitive Hearing Verification", "Project Invisibility", "Project Astra", "Project Stargate" and many more came into being by covert operations managers. such as Knowlton Circles, Avebury, Stonehenge and Badbury Rings.

February 2nd - Megaliths and Passage Graves of Ireland - A Pilgrimage.
Peter Knight and Toni Perrott

During the summer of 2005 Toni and Peter went to Southern Ireland and visited several major Neolithic monuments, such as Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth and Loughcrew. They also explored some of the lesser known sites, which they found equally powerful. With the aid of slides, they will guide us through their journey, including their dowsing and astronomical results and include some wonderful moments of synchronicity and the wonders of the magical landscape of Ireland.


March 2nd - Dances and Stories of Birth and Rebirth, Death and Fertility
Wessex Mummers and Morrismen

This will be the first time this group has ever appeared in Bournemouth. The venue will be in the round and will be a fitting celebration for the arrival of Spring.

April 6th - Ancient Mysteries
Steve Hawker

Steve, the treasurer of DEMG, will give a presentation of strange facts and artifacts, where the conventional wisdom, of ancient man being primitive and without much knowledge, is possibly hugely inaccurate.

May 4th - Dowsing and Entanglement. Einstein's Spooky Theories
Bob Cracknell

Bob will explain all about Entanglement, how it makes dowsing work and how it affects Ley lines. This is where the Quantum scientist meets the psychic and the dowser. Whatever happens to one particle will thus immediately affect the other particle, wherever in the universe it may be. Einstein called this "Spooky action at a distance.2 Bob Cracknell is a former Instrumentation Scientist with the Defence Research Agency. His research includes understanding the Ley line signal, the dowsing mechanism and gravitationally entangled protons.

Weds June 7th.

Summer Field Trip to Cranborne Chase.
We will be the guests of archeologist and author Martin Green, who will show us around his wonderful museum of local finds. He will then show us a very deep Neolithic ritual pit he has excavated. We will then drive to nearby Knowlton Henge to witness the sunset (which is around 9.20pm). The evening will end with a gathering at the Horton Inn, a nearby watering hole. Meet at 7.00pm at Down Farm, off the A354, one mile south of Sixpenny Handley. Marked on OS maps (grid ref: 999148) Cost: 2 per head, towards the upkeep of Martin's museum and excavation costs. NOTE THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE NORMAL MONTHLY MEETING NIGHT.

July 6th. Local Leys
Michael Hodges

Michael is former chairman of both the Society of Ley Hunters and Dorset Earth Mysteries Group. Tonight he will give us an insight into Ley Lines in this area, especially those to do with Christchurch Priory and St. Catherines Hill.

August 3rd. Dew and Frost Fire - The Mystery of Spirit in Matter. The Rosicrucians. Rosslyn Chapel. Venus and the Pentagram.
Sylvia Francke

This is an investigation into the process whereby information is passed from its spiritual source to the creation of living forms in matter. It passes from the subtle state through the medium of sound: 'The Music of the Spheres' and is brought into the physical world through the fluid-element. During the talk we will discover how both the name of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century Rosicrucian movement and Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh hold the secret to this mysterious process. Sylvia Francke is an Anthroposophist and author of 'The Tree of Life and the Holy Grail': an approach to the 'Mystery of Rennes Le Chateau (as presented in 'The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail' by Micheal Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln.) From the point of view of 'Spiritual Science.' Sylvia's book is soon to be republished with an update on the 'Da Vinci Code.' by Dan Brown.

September 7th. The Paranormal Hollow Earth
Clint Denyer

This 'multi-dimensional' talk, covers the 'reality' that our earth is not solid. Clint will look at the history of this phenomenon and bring in the Knowledge of the Ancients to receive the information from people who have travelled to the Hollow Earth. Clint will also look at the diverse realities we live in, and bring this into the awareness of how the Hollow Earth affects us all not just past and present but very much the future.

October 5th. Bowls - Healing and Harmonics
Dean Carter

Dean will be talking about musical theory mathematics and harmonics and how it relates to his crystal and tibetan bowls. And will be ending up with a healing sound bath. November 2nd. Stanton Drew Stone Circle Gordon Strong Gordon Strong has studied Stanton Drew, one of the much neglected stone circles south of Bristol. He will be telling us his theories and how it relates to the moon and the sun and the sacred geometry involved.

December 7th. Megalithic Mysteries of Italy.
Gary Biltcliffe

Standing stones, ley lines, megalithic walls, and sacred avenues of the dead, are featured in this talk and slide show of Gary's recent visit to central Italy. The Etruscans, a mysterious race of unknown origin were steeped in magic and superstition; they divided their country into twelve sectors with twelve cities around a ritual centre. Featured are some of their incredible achievements, sacred roads cut through sold rock to align with Solar and Lunar directions, enormous megalithic polygonal walls identical to those found in Peru and ancient Greece, and pyramidal tombs