The Dorset Earth Mysteries Group was formed in 1998 to promote and explore various Earth Mysteries.

Dorset Earth Mysteries Group

The Dorset Earth Mysteries Group was formed in 1998 to promote and explore various Earth Mysteries

Once a month, speakers are invited to share their views on a variety of subjects; from UK stone circles to Ancient Egypt; from Dowsing to conventional Archaeology.

All are welcome.

Talks are held on the first Thursday of each month at 19:15. Talks start 19:30.

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August 4th
David Ash
The Vortex Theory
The Vortex Theory originating from ancient Yogic Philosophy provides an account of subatomic particles, as spherical vortices of energy, which explains the properties of matter such as inertia, mass and three dimensional extension. Extending vortex energy also sets up the force fields including electric charge, magnetism and gravity. It also accounts for 'curved space'. Einsteinís theory of gravity and the quantum mechanical account for forces are contested. The vortex theory can also explain high energy physics, matter and antimatter, nuclear energy, the strong nuclear force, wave-particle duality and many other properties of matter. It rewrites quantum theory. The vortex theory replaces quark theory and quantum mechanics with a far simpler model of quantum reality and opens the door to the possibility of dimensions of reality beyond the speed of light.
The Yogic perception of the vortex of energy, offering an all embracing view of the Universe, was first presented from the historic rostrum of Michael Faraday at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on January 15th 1975 and published twenty years later. In the 1995 publication the effect known as dark energy published by Saul Perlmutter in 1997, was predicted. The Vortex theory, is validated according to the scientific method. It is a sound scientific theory.